new apartment!

We're moving this weekend! Just upstairs and two apartments over into the corner unit. :) It has two bedrooms *and* a den, so Rob's office will move from our current second bedroom to the new den, thus freeing up the new second bedroom for the little Jude-man and all of his paraphernalia that he will no doubt accumulate.

So, by way of introduction, here are a few pictures of the new place. I'll write a description under each one so you can get a feel for what you're looking at. The layout is identical to our old one, with the exception of the den off of the living room.

This is standing in the living room facing the den and the front door. Notice the wide doorway into the den and the little window in the corner... there's another large window on the other wall, too.

Here I took a few steps back, into the corner of the living room. From the left, you see a tiny sliver of the living room wall, the doorway into the den, the entryway and front door (notice the nicer doors on the front closet!) and the dining area with the cute little archway into the kitchen. :)

This is the dining area with the archway into the kitchen. It makes me smile.

Standing in the hall, looking into the kitchen (we lost a large upper cabinet in order to gain the archway) Also check out the built-in microwave; that means more counter space since we won't have to have our other one on the counter by the sink! Hopefully it works well. Ya never know...

Looking out of the archway into the dining area and a little into the den (notice the other den window) Man, do I wish that stove was gas, I miss it so much!

The other side of the kitchen... the only things that are different are the tile (not vinyl) flooring, and the double sink.

And finally, the view from the balcony. Since we're one floor higher, we see more TREES! Can't wait for those leaves to come out and get *green* already! Silver Lake is just barely visible over the rooftops.

The master bedroom and walk-in closet are exactly the same as our old ones, and the bathroom is the same too, except it has tile flooring just like the kitchen (no carpet at all in the bathroom).

So that's pretty much it! Now to get all our junk up there... oh dear!

I'll post a follow-up to this once we're all settled. IF that happens, that is. ;)

Wow. The pictures turned out so small... huh.