Total Eclipse Of The BRAIN

In keeping with the spirit of my blog (or wait. It has no spirit... it's nearly dead!) I'm just popping in with a drive-by post. You know, those are the kind that are like a drive-by shooting: random, unexplained, and you may never see the shooter (poster) again. Ha.

Okay, so after cleaning and organizing our apartment* all day, Rob figured I needed a laugh, so he showed me this music video. Someone took Total Eclipse Of The Heart and wrote "literal" words to explain (narrate?) the bizarre music video. I don't think I've laughed so much at anything lately.

Seriously? Did Bonnie Tyler really have hair that hideous? And *what* is she actually supposed to be doing in this video?

The bummer of it is, I actually like the original song. Now I doubt I'll be able to hear it without seeing the creepy lighted glasses on schoolboys. *shudder*

*I totally owe pictures of the moved-into and decorated apartment, I know!