two whole years with you, Babe

It seems like no time at all and forever, all at once! It's been a never-ending journey of knowing and growing... and I've never been so deeply happy. No one knows me and still loves me like you do, Babes. Thank you for loving me, no matter what. Here's to living our life to the fullest... and trying to beat my grandparents' family record of 62 years! I'm more than up for another 60 with you, Rob Hulson!

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Lily Pad PR said...

awww... you two are so cute & awesome together.

Anonymous said...

congrats to you girl on your anniversary - looks like I'm a bit late ~ I remember though just a few months before you married being w/ you at Cass's wedding and listening to you talk about your man - and you were so in love and it looks like it's only deepened w/ time ~

blessings on many more!