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It's a lovely Saturday morning and I'm lazily browsing the interwebs while glancing up every now and then to watch the grass finally get green(er). Aahhh, weekends!

Being with child, I've been wandering the world wide web and stumbling across baby sites, naturally. Funny how that happens... ;) Anyway, I came across a few sites today that are full of stuff I'm drooling over (heh, how ironic):

For the indie-rocker in all of us.

Pixie Rock
Seriously, what Apple lover (aka, Rob) wouldn't love the "iPoo'd" onsie??

For trendy graphic tees and stuff; apparently all the celeb babies rock this "label". haha

Little Lark
Okay, the little boy on the home page is advertisement enough for me...what a lil heartbreaker! I'm in love with their simple nature-themed designs.

Wry Baby
Kooky off-beat humor. Their tagline is "raise funny people". Yes!

And to keep all these links organized in one easily-accessible place? Heavens no, not the "bookmarks" of your browser... that's so 2007! I use Evernote, an online "information manager" with downloadable, synching programs for your computer (PC, Mac, and even Linux for the true nerds out there) and mobile phone (iPhone... and all the *other* phones). It's SO handy to save -and tag!- links, articles, or whatever I run across, all in one seachable place. How simple!

There are two informative posts on info managers at Rob's blog, if you're interested. :)

So anyway, that's how I'm spending my Saturday morning so far. Next on the list is to get stuff ready for moving day next Friday!

Have a great weekend. :)

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