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So blogging hasn't really happened in the last few weeks, that's for sure. It just sinks low on the priority list; under such things as sleep, forcing myself to eat, trying to stay awake during my work day, managing not to throw up, and sleep. Oh, did I already say sleep? I can't believe how tired I've been! It's all I can do to get up (at 5:30!) and make it through my work day, and drive home. Forget grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. I'll do those later. Maybe. ;)

Fortunately I have an incredible husband who has been picking up all my slack around the house and not complaining about it one bit. He's been amazing, really... making breakfast and packing our lunches every morning, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom as needed, and he even did the grocery shopping last week. Of course all this is on top of his normal responsibilities of studies (he's taking 6 grad-school courses this semester) and work. He's a real trooper, and a handsome one at that!

This last weekend we went to Iowa to see our brand-new little niece, Emily Katherine Schmidt. She was born on Friday afternoon, and we got to see her on Saturday morning... so less than 24 hours old! It was fun to be around a new baby now that we're expecting one of our own, I think it helped put it in perspective for me. Although I will say it was rather disconcerting that the only time she screamed inconsolably was when *I* was holding her. Hrm. I tried everything that the others' were doing, but she was not to be comforted... until I gave her to Rob. THEN she shushed right up. I can see this coming in *quite* handy! Not to mention, it was sweet to see him with a baby... yes it really was.

We had a really nice time seeing Jen & Tim- Rob's sis and bro-in-law- and his parents too. We had a great time chatting with the parents on the way back from the hospital on Friday night... so great that we decided to postpone our departure until the next morning, extending our two-on-two time with them, which is a rare thing indeed. It's a good thing we decided to stay Friday night, because when we were driving back Saturday morning we saw no less than TWENTY-SEVEN crashed cars on the side of the highway. It had been very windy and stormy that night and man am I glad we spent it all cozy in bed rather than out in the blowing snow. Eesh.

Anyway, now I'm back at work! Whoo hoo! (I'm psyching myself up, here) I'm hoping that as I settle into the predictable rhythm of the work-weeks the days will start to roll by. I have my first prenatal appointment next Wednesday, at which point I will be 10 weeks pg, so we'll get to see if all this baby stuff is really REAL and not just in my head. :) Oh and by the way, Chester also has an important appointment that same day, though it has more to do with *not* pro-creating. Heh heh.

Happy Monday!

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