kitschy 80's movies that surprise

Saturday night Rob introduced me to Condorman, a cheesy Disney movie that I had seen previews for when I was little, but never actually watched. Generally, I think that it's best to watch a nostalgic kid's movie only if you've seen it when you actually were a kid, otherwise you miss the nostalgia and "greatness" of the cheese factor and it's just a stupid movie with a weak plot and outdated special effects. (can you tell I've experienced this? haha) But I have to say, although Condorman was indeed cheesy, I was caught off guard by how much I actually enjoyed it. For sure, there were outdated special effects and the plot was predictable at times, but there were plenty of things that caught and held my attention. Mainly, the cool cars that the "bad guys" used to chase down Condorman and his lovely lady. Observe:

I mean seriously, what gets more cool than 5 black Porsche Carreras with drivers wearing all black leather and black helmets? And the action in the chase scenes is actually pretty cool and mostly believable (a rarity in current movies).

So the cars were cool. Admittedly, that's not what caught my attention in the first place, nor what held it throughout the movie. :) It was Barbara Carrera in the leading lady role as "Natalia". Well to be more accurate, it was her clothes. Heh heh heh. She wore so many great outfits that I wanted to pause the movie on each one to take a screenshot so I could copy her look. She was seriously cool, even as a gypsy. ;)

The first outfit that caught my eye was this one:

Fabulous long purple poncho/cape thing, slim dark jeans, and a pair of tall leather riding boots that exactly matched the color of her hair. It's a shame you can't see the pants and boots in this picture. They really were smashing.

There's a scene where they ride a ski lift to make their escape, and while the men looked laughable in their silly one-piece snowsuits (tight red shiny overalls, anyone?)Natalia looked like this:
The perfect little snowbunny. :)

Later we see her at the house of Condorman's evil nemesis wearing this getup for a party:
This picture is the only one I could find of this outfit, which was MUCH more amazing as you saw it full-length and from all different angles. I couldn't tell if it was a dress or floaty pants (I think pants, actually) but the overall effect was cool, breezy, Mediterranean, and highly fashionable with the cape and the daring, sassy wrap on her head. I would totally wear this. Maybe. :)

Of course, since this *is* a spy movie, Natalia's first scene has her looking the part of the 1950 undercover agent:
Gotta love the hat and Veronica Lake curls!

So I guess you could say that I enjoyed the movie... how did it end again? ;)

(just kidding, I remember!)


Toiling Ant said...

Glad to know that Condorman was *supposed* to be cheesy. Apparently I took it way too seriously as a kid, and thought it was the most poorly-made movie ever. :-P

Rob Hulson said...

You bring the dip, I'll bring the Dostoyevsky.

Table43 said...

Haha, leave it to you to find a fashion outlet in a cheesy movie. I Love it!

Mag's Meaning said...

Yeah, I remember seeing Condorman soon after we got married ;). LOL. Cheesy but delightful for those of that love anything 70's/80's just for the memories :).

Anonymous said...

LOL, I grew up with Condorman too! We loved it as kids. I subjected James to watch it with me about a year ago...He was a great sport about it!

Rosanna said...

Haha, I can totally see that as a movie you watched as a kid! Oh by the way, if you ever run across extra Scarecrow & Mrs. King episodes, I'd LOVE to borrow them! Didn't we have fun holed up in your room watching them on Saturdays?! <3

MrsJames said...

You can watch a lot of old Scarecrow and Mrs Kings at
There are lots of fun things to watch here! Have fun!

Rosanna said...

Aah! Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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