one year ago today

A year ago today I was packing to go visit my parents and family for Christmas.

A year ago today I decided to use a 2-year old pregnancy test on a whim instead of throwing it away.

A year ago today I got the most amazing surprise that changed my life forever...

Jude was coming to be our very own tiny son!

Well, of course we didn't yet know that it was Jude who was causing that shock-inducing little pink line, but that was our first indication that he was going to be a part of our lives forever. And what a part he has already played! My life is vastly different than it was a year ago today; it's fuller, tired-er, more responsible, and so much richer than I imagined it could or would be.

A year ago today I didn't know what it felt like to have my son's (MY son!) big blue eyes blink up at me and then see his whole face break into a huge grin. A whole new compartment of my heart has been opened... I didn't know I could love a tiny person so very much! Welcome to our crazy lives, Jude... we're going to have so many fun adventures!



Lora said...

Isn't it the most amazing thing ever!? I keep shaking my head, amazed that the year has zipped by so quickly.

Note to self: never take a pg test on a whim ;-)

Katie Talbott said...

Sniffle. Sniffle. You put it so well. I'm glad you are loving motherhood. It's such a wonderful (and tiring) thing.

Sarah said...

I really really love this. :)

Anonymous said...

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