five years ago today

Five years ago on January 21, 2005 I was in the middle of a major remodeling project on my bathroom after having just moved back in with my parents. I took a break for a day and drove up to Tahoe to enjoy the scenery... and talk & text with "this guy" who I was "just friends" with. I took this picture and later sent it to him:

Later that night I was working on my computer, and spending at least half my time talking to "him" on AIM. Around dinnertime (I remember I was cooking yellow squash, among other things, I'm sure) he sent me a song. Keith Urban's I Wanna Love Somebody Like You. I kinda hyperventilated.

Much later that night, he called me on the phone and we talked for about 5 hours... until Rob got up the nerve to tell me, in a 15-minute monologue, that he was attracted to me. I responded with an e-mail that I had already written, telling him that our friendship was torturing me... and I needed him to make the first move. I'm so glad he did. My life has never been the same... I love you, Rob Hulson!

I don't think I took my headset out of my ear for the next year and 10 months

and neither did he


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So very sweet!

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