Rob: in 50 words

Handsome. Passionate. Spontaneous. Sweet. Zany. Deep. Hilarious. Talented. Singer. Entertaining. Witty. Thoughtful. Tender. Fun. Godly. Happy. Compassionate. Understanding. Kind. Listener. Hardworking. Learner. Thinker. Seeker. Witness. Selfless. Inspiring. Strong. Faithful. Caring. Helpful. Accommodating. Confident. Influencer. Wise. Adventurous. Servant. Leader. Intentional. Genuine. Devoted. Risky. Self-sacrificing. Stylish. Crazy. Loving. Hot! Mine!


Chris said...

That's adorable!
I wish I had thought of doing that for my sweetheart.
Well, I guess I can, on my own blog sometime.
Thanks for sharing the idea and the great picture.
You're such a sweet couple:)

Andrew said...

Apparently great minds think alike. I submitted my post to Abraham, and then went down through the list and found yours!

Amy said...

really sweet. great idea!

Rosanna said...

Thanks, all! I had fun writing it and had to go back and edit out about 6 words once I counted them all up!