to bang or not to bang?

I have a haircut appointment at the Aveda Institute in downtown Minneapolis at 5:15 today. I love the Aveda Inst. because you can get great haircuts by people who have been trained very well and are "higher-end" than your local SuperCuts (or whatever the equivilant is up North here, I don't know) for not a single penny more. And the whole place just feels trendy and fun. :) They do take a loooooong time though, which doesn't bother me, but I think Rob wishes he could get in and out in 20 minutes, like at SuperCuts. I just remind him that "there are sacrifices you have to make for fashion!".

Anyway, I don't know what I should do with my mop-top. I've had basically the SAME hair since forever. I do love my length though... so I'm not quite ready to do a big chop. I love my color, so I'm not changing that. (how can I betray the brunette sisterhood?? And anyway, I always get the "oh my gosh is that your natural color??" at every. single. salon I go to) But I'm feeling the change-of-season itch to do SOMETHING different. The only thing I can think of is to do bangs again. I've had them before, but it's been a while. I like the look a LOT; it makes me feel instantly edgier and trendier in whatever outfit I'm wearing, and it's so gosh darn easy to manage. No strands falling in my eye (that I always end up pinning with a bobby in a very 3rd-grade look), very few bad hair days, and it looks good when the rest of my hair is up, down, wavy, or straight.

The only catch is that it's not Rob's favorite look on me. I'm not exactly sure what he doesn't like about the straight-across bangs, but his favorite on me is the side-swept bang that I always do. Although he said he doesn't mind, and he'll like whatever I end up doing. What a guy! :)

All that said, I'm looking for some ideas to give me the change and ease I'm craving... and I'm open to suggestions. Any ideas?

Here's a quick snap of me at my desk this very minute:

And here's a few shots of me with the bangage, so you all can see what it looks like in various renditions:

Also, I think this style on Anne Hathaway is totally hot.

Edit: Hrmm, why did those last three pictures post so BIG, and get cut off on the right side??


kates~* said...

love the anne hathaway style... i love your shorter/choppy bangs in the second photo, more than the first one. they were fuller looking. why not go a little shorter overall? it'll grow... or, get an extension thrown in underneath/to one side, of purple or something. [i'd say dye one small strand, but, they might have to bleach it out first.].


Rob Hulson said...

BTW, let it be known that Rosanna doesn't drag me to the Aveda Institute. I like it there. A lot, actually. It's relaxing, what with the mini-massage and stuff.

And, for the record, Rosanna's parted hair has captivated me from the moment I first saw her. I'm all for experimenting and I do like the look of the bangs she's rocking in the pictures she uploaded. To say that they're not my favorite simply means that I really, *really* like her hair parted. But I'm not a stupid husband who doesn't appreciate his wife's beauty in many ways. So there. :o)

Rosanna said...

aw! Didn't mean to make you sound ungrateful, or stupid or tyrannical. Quite the opposite, Loves. ;)

I'm glad you like it at Aveda... I didn't realize how much you enjoy it, I thought you were just going along with me because I like it so much. I'm glad you are having fun too! Can't wait for that mini-massage this evening...

msfleurette said...

i think you rock the bangs, Roseanna. The first picture is my favorite, but you look great in all of them. bangs are HOTT if one can really pull them off, and i'm sure you know that not everybody can... ;)

Mag's Meaning said...

BANGS!!!! :) You look fab either way, though, dahling :)

sethswifeforlife said...

I wanna see "after shots" dear friend!
What did you decide?
How'd you decide?

Lily Pad PR said...

The cool thing w/ bangs is that you can still sweep them to the side for the "parted" look. I did this several times when I decided to go for the "bang" look since the last time I had them was w/ my 3rd grad mullet, and I figured since I had control of what my hair looked like now- I could probably look better in them w/out the mullet.

Especially w/ your thick & luxurious hair Ro- you could do this easily! It just depends of which way you want to blow dry them- my stylist showed me how to do this, and I'm sure you have an amazing stylist there @ Aveda (which I'm seriously jealous of you about that girlfriend!) who would be more than willing to show you several different bang & parted looks w/ your bangs.
The Anne Hathaway look: seriously HAUTE!!! If you get your hair cut that way- you should have a photo shoot done, because you're SOOO much prettier than Anne, and of course you would rock them- of course.

Lucky you to have a husby who likes going to the Institute w/ you. Not all of us girls have husbies who appreciate the finer things in life :) LOL

Rosanna said...

oh, there are many finer things that Rob has *introduced* me to! I know he is quite a catch...