wave o' babies

Loads of my friends are having babies. I'm serious... loads (or should I say "tons"? haha). I've been keeping a running list of almost-mamas on my iPhone out of necessity, updating as the teeny-tinys make their grand appearances. It's been such fun to get the news, pray for each of my dear girl friends as they go through their pregnancies, and then send off little packages carrying itty-bitty gifts to the brand-new people!

It's amazing how two people (together with God, of course) can create a whole new person who didn't exist at all before. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of hearing one of my friends say "we're expecting!!", it will always bring a huge smile to my heart and happy tears to my eyes. And I've heard that news no less than eleven times this year. That's right, ELEVEN of my personal, close girl friends are either pregnant or have had a baby this year (that's not counting casual acquaintances or Crossings pals). Kind of incredible... and very wonderful. :)

For the record, here's my list:

  • Bethany Barry (childhood friend)-- Faith Loraine, born 7.27.08 (at 32 weeks, she's a miracle baby)

  • Jessica Gulbranson (MN friend in our small group)-- Simon James, born 8.6.2008

  • Erica Jones (childhood friend)-- Caden Tyler, born 8.18.2008

  • Megan Hulson (sister-in-law)-- Owen Peter, born 9.15.2008 For some strange reason I don't have one snap with *both* Megan and baby Owen, so I'm settling for one of Chris (Rob's bro)and Megan right before O was born, and one of Wade (C&M's first son) with Owen. But that's allowed cuz they're family!

  • Jennifer Schmidt (sister-in-law)-- due with Baby 2 in January

  • April Williamson (friend from Nashville)-- due with Baby 2 in January

  • Erika Jackson (friend from Nashville)-- due with Baby Boy 1 in January

  • Cassidy Harper (friend from Portland)-- due with Baby Girl 1 in January

  • Katie Allen (MN friend from church)--due with Baby 2 in January

  • Alisa Craig (MN friend from church)-- due with Baby 1 in April (ack- I don't have a single picture of Alisa!)

  • Johanna Puelston (MN friend in our small group)-- found out this Sunday that she's due with Baby 1 in mid-July!

  • Wowzers. Here's to (apparently!) happy marriages, and kiddos who grow up to be Jesus-lovers! Congrats, my dear friends... and God be with you. :)

    (PS- ten points to anyone who knows the TGS reference in the title!)


    Toiling Ant said...

    If you were a *real* TGS fan, you would have referred to your friends as Cheerleader, So and so, What's her face, and The Ugly One.


    Double double whipless mochaccino half-caf!

    I crack myself up sometimes. :-P

    Rosanna said...

    True!! LOL, you crack ME up, Toni!

    Why thank you, you've filled out nicely too.

    Erica said...

    wow, Rosanna, that's amazing. The pictures are cool. Glad to hear Bethany's baby is o.k..

    sethswifeforlife said...

    How fun! January is a popular month. And there is definitely a baby boom happening in '09! I'm due in April, Lys is due in June.
    The miracle of life, never ceases to amaze me!
    CONGRATS to all your dear friends!

    Rosanna said...

    Yes, so exciting Abby!

    Jes (table43) said...

    ROFL, I just googled my name and came across this. How funny. I can't believe you posted that picture of me...lol.

    Anonymous said...

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!