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This morning I stumbled across some jaw-droppingly gorgeous pictures of weddings on various blogs that I [now] follow. They have made me want to have 5 more weddings just so I can try out a bunch of different styles. Same groom, thanks. ;) I loved my wedding, even now I wouldn't change anything about it (okay, a few minor details, perhaps) but overall, it was absolutely the wedding of my dreams. So that's not what this is about... it's just an appreciation of beauty and creativity of other people. These pictures make me wish I was artistic and creative... and my job was something along the lines of "magazine writer" or "interior designer" or "fashion photographer" or "event planner" or even "crafty person". Alas, Mom didn't pass down her talent or love for sewing and designing. At least, it hasn't surfaced much yet. Until I discover my inner designer, I look at pictures for my "creativity fix". And these are lovely.

Beachy casual
The bridesmaids are all wearing vintage prom dresses! This just looks like FUN.

I'm still kicking myself for not letting my girls pick out their own dress to wear in my wedding. I so wanted to do this... but somewhere along the way of wedding planning, something happened to throw me off this idea. I can't even tell ya what it was, probably a combination of things. But this eclectic style has always intrigued me. It's so... individual and expressive.

Rustic and elegant
Oh. My. Gosh. This is pretty much perfect. The dress, the birdcage veil, the feather shrug (!!), the lighting, the contrast between the old-world elegance of the attire and the rustic setting... did I mention the birdcage veil? It all just trips my fancy. Oh yes.

Town Hall
While a JOP wedding isn't my style, I can't get over how absolutely gorgeous this wedding is. Of course, it's in San Fransisco's town hall, so that's saying something. This is THE way to do a town hall wedding. Simply stunning. (I'm sorry, I can't find the original blog I found the pictures on... hence the size) Take particular note of the detail of her dress. Perfect.

Again, notice the birdcage veil. I'm in love. I've decided that if I had the chance to rewind and do-over, I'd alter my headpiece to be this classic style. I think. Although, I did love, no, ADORED my veil; it was my mother's and she hand-made it for her wedding in 1976. I've wanted to wear it since I was tiny. But I think the actual headpiece would have worked perfectly with the birdcage. Ces't la vie. As it was, my wedding was beautiful and special and fun. And I still wouldn't change a thing. It was "me". :)

Three of my favorite images from my wedding: (because I can!)

(Edit: Okay. I've tried everything to make my images appear as a smaller version of themselves. Nothing works. Frustrated.)

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Erica said...

your wedding was great, Rosanna. I know what you mean about looking back at one's wedding and seeing some things you would change. There a few details I would've changed as well but the overall day was great and memorable.

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