I'm obsessing over scooters, so I did what anyone wanting to deal with an obsession should do... looked on Criagslist. Oh yeah, that helped! Heh. This little vintage piece of Vespa adorableness is the one that I'd buy if I needed a scooter, which I don't... really. I guess.

Edit: Or maybe this hot little red one! Oh gosh... Must. Stop. Drooling. Now.


Lily Pad PR said...

SOOOO cute!!! It would be so awesome to have a vintage vespa..... [sigh]

Johanna said...

i think you should definitely get one. :-) I can totally see you tooling around St. Anthony and Roseville on that thing with some cute sunglasses and a little mushroom helmet.

Rosanna said...

Yeah!! A helmet like this one?

Johanna said...

prexactly. :-)