news flash!

I just found out from my boss (the only other female in the office) that there is a fabulous place for swing dancing in St. Paul. It's the Wabasha Street Caves.

Caves? As in, side-of-the-hill, walls-of-rock caves? Yep! Evidentially it was an old mobster hang-out back in the day; they transformed these big caverns into an underground (literally) party pad where they wined and dined their lovely ladies. Now that Al Capone et. al are dead, the caves been opened to the public as a restaurant/dance hall/historic site. You can even take a "gangster tour" and hear all about the atrocities that were schemed there.

I've also heard that the Belgian waffles are outta sight.

Thursday nights are reserved for a swing lesson at 6, followed by dancing into the night. I'm definitely planning on going there with mah hitman some Thursday very soon.


Lily Pad PR said...

wow...sweet! That sounds like SO much fun!!!
And in Mobster Caves! SU-WEET! You'll have to post pictures when you guys go! How Fun!

Christy said...

oooh....sounds awesome!!

Johanna said...

0oooh - belgian waffles. :-) Now I could definitely get Kyle to go for THAT. lol.