longish weekend

After a shortened word day today I'm headed to Kalahari Resort for a work-funded mini vacation.

I think it should be fun. Actually, at first I wasn't planning on going for several reasons; mainly because Rob couldn't get the time off and I don't like doing fun stuff without him because that makes even the most exciting things boring. Also, I mainly work with truckers and foreign warehouse workmen. Not exactly the kind of people you really want to be in a bathing suit around, ya know? Especially since I know what their preferred lunchtime "reading material" is. But upon further information, I found out that several of the guys are bringing their families, and we aren't really required to hang with them anyway.

So I started doing some mental gymnastics: a weekend away lounging beside a pool and such, or spending my Saturday doing the usual cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking? Um, you do the math. There was still one little hitch though. Rob. He still had to work, so there was no way he could come... and, being the hip, trendy, eco-conscious, childless, young couple that we are, we share one car. Or is that because we don't want to fork over our hard-earned cash for another tank of gas every week for a car we really do. not. need? Oh yeah, that's it. But the other description sounds more... of the moment? haha

Anyway, after talking to Rob about it, we had the brilliant idea that I go with a friend. Oh yeeeeeah... kinda like what would have been my first thought before I got married? Exactly. So I invited a friend with a car and decided to go for it. Girl's weekend! I'm actually pretty excited, despite the gray haze that is the fact that Rob's not coming. I'm sure there will be plenty of girl-talk, nail polish, laughing, and whatever else it is that we girlies like to do when we get together. I'll write a review when I get back on Monday!

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Lily Pad PR said...

Sweet! That looks like loads of fun- did you take pics?
bummer that Rob couldn't go... but hope you still had fun!