meanwhile, as I wait for timelessness...

...I want these cupcakes. But since quite obviously don't have the time to actually make them, I may see if Cupcake (a funky little shop here in MN that sells, you guessed it, cupcakes) carries something like them.

ETA: I found the link to Cupcake here in Minneapolis. :)


Lily Pad PR said...

yuuummmmy! I totally copied that recipe to try later.
hope you find them at your cupcake store! you should take pics to show us all the yummy delights :) mmmm
nothing like a lovely mini-cake :)

Lily Pad PR said...

hey- I was surfing and found this:

they have lime & coconut cupcakes and are in Minneapolis. Look under "sweet" for their lists of cuppercakes :)


Johanna said...

yummers. I think I shall have to try those delectable bits of goodness. Maybe for small group sometime?