some things don't change... much

I posted a comment on Johanna's xanga this morning, which then led me to go look at my own old old xanga that I nearly forgot I had. I read through all the posts (like what, 5?) and came across one that literally made me shake with laughter in my pneumatic office chair. I laughed because... well honestly, I don't think my skills have improved all that much in the last 3 years! At least I don't like to cook any more now than I did then. I just *have to* more often. I'm hoping that the old adage, "practice makes perfect" will start to come true in this area sometime soon.

For your reading pleasure, I'm copying the post here:

Cooking Sucks

So I tried to be all "Sally Homemaker" today and make a nice lunch for my parents and brother David as he was working on painting the house.

I got all inspired to be creative by taking canned chili and customizing it by adding tomato paste, chopped onions, grated carrots, and extra chili powder. Looked good, smelled good. To go with it, I made iced tea customized with lemonade and fresh squeezed lemon.

Evidently I made it all too soon; David was not quite at a stopping point. So I set the table all cute and then ran downstairs to my room to check e-mail and stuff. The computer is a vortex. 15 minutes... maybe even a half an hour... later I smelled chili. Burnt chili. I had apparently left the burner "on", resulting in nearly all the beans sticking to the bottom of the pan and that burnt taste to infuse the whole pot. So I try to salvage what I can, and serve it anyway.

20 minutes later I am STILL waiting for David to come in and EAT, gosh darn it. Finally I just start working on something else... then I find myself listening to David saying that he's leaving and will just do a drive-through. Fine... Dad and Mom can still eat the burnt chili. It was then that I noticed the broken tea bag and tea leaves floating beautifully around in the iced tea like a brown snow globe.

Sigh. How does one sign up for Meals On Wheels?

(And we aren't even going to mention my repeated failed attempts at making rice...)

Okay, there is one thing that I've improved on... I can make killer rice now. Anyone want to come over for dinner? We're having rice.


Robert said...

Aww, Babe! That makes me sad. Even if I sometimes delay coming in for dinner, I hope you always feel like I value your hard work.

We'll have our Helga, or Hilda, or whatever her name is soon, okay? :o)

Rosanna said...

hahhaha... nope, I know you like my dinners! Even when they're kinda yucky, you still eat them.

Mom2Mom Ministry said...

I love the old post you posted. Too funny. We're in the throws of prefootball already and dinner for us has taken on new meaning. Tonight it was 6 different meals at 6 different times. Oh, for the days we actually all sat down together. Maybe after football....
Enjoyed your blog!!!

Mom2Mom Ministry said...

Hi again. I found you through Resolved to Worship's blog at xanga. Don't understand that website but love her blog.

Lily Pad PR said...

Well, at least all you did was burn something that would've been good. When Jeremy & I were dating, I was in this "cooking-experimenting" phase and thought that dried mint would taste good with roasted chicken... it was not. It was the most disgusting chicken ever. I have no idea what I was thinking, but I will never do that again! LOL