I just discovered and got done reading through the complete archives of my good friend Erica's blog, "Life is Full". I had a lot of fun reading it, it was kinda like wandering around her life for the past year in about 45 minutes. It made me super-homesick for Reno, and for friends who know you without having to tell your complete background and history every time you get together. :) And I must admit, it did make me a little jealous of her life as a mommy, even though her feisty 2-year old throws fits (love ya, Morgan!).

For those of you who don't know Erica, she and I met when I was about 11? 12? and were buddies growing up. We became close friends after her family moved back to the States in the late 90's and we girls started hanging out together as often as we could. Together with her sister Danielle, and the Whittaker girls Hannah & Elizabeth, we became known as "the fab five". We did tons of everything together, like dressing up and spending many single Valentine's Days reveling in our singleness, hanging out and watching movies, sleeping over, shopping, hiking, swimming at 5:30 am, and of course lots and lots of talking about everything that young single girls go through.

Erica and I also led our church's children's ministry together for about 4 or 5 years, what sweet times of growing in the Lord together, learning how to lead, how to sing, and how to really walk out our faith. For the record, Erica is one of only two friends I've ever had a real fight with- complete with tears and yelling. :) Gotta love that, huh, Big E? Good times. No, really, good times. She was the first of the Fab Five to fall in love and get married... that was a wake-up call to the rest of us that life was indeed moving on and we'd better hang on for the ride, 'cuz it wasn't stopping! The morning before Erica's wedding the rest of us pounded on her apartment door at dark-thirty, waking her up and dressing her in crazy clothes and makeup to go out to coffee at our favorite little place. The looks we got were well worth her embarrassment. I'm sure she'd agree. Right, Mrs. Jones?? HA!

I love how real and honest Erica is about the struggles she's going through and how buoyant her faith and joy in life is. Whether she's struggling or floating, she's one of the most realistically optimistic people I know. I miss our bonding times being "wild single women" and "going to Reno to spend some money" while commiserating about our love lives (or lack thereof) and our "delinquent" brothers. But I think we'd both have to say life is ever so much richer being "wild wives"! ;) Love you loads, Erica!


Erica said...

Oh Wow, Rosanna! I get a whole blog and here I was wondering where my one comment that was awaking your approval was ;). Thanks for the blog. Love you heaps. Glad we can still make memories

Rosanna said...

Is there still a comment that I didn't approve?? I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out. :) You're welcome... love ya