stupid cars

I've always wished I could fly. Or at the least, had a hovercraft that could float about 15 feet above all the other traffic. Cars are just a hassle. Especially right now.

I'm sitting in my dark, cold office waiting for the Triple A dude to show up and make mine start. I have no idea what happened to make it decide not to start, but when I went to leave a few minutes ago, nothing at all happened when I turned the key. Meh. Good thing my Babes keeps me hooked up with AAA; they said they'd be here "within the hour". Here's hopin'. Meanwhile, I'm sitting in my chair where I have been uncomfortably planted for the last EIGHT HOURS, staring out the window at the rain, wishing I was at home in a hot bath. And I even had extra time at home alone tonight since Rob is touring a library after class today. I was hoping to get in some reading. Well, I guess it serves me right for planning on laziness!

So I think I'll surf the web instead. ;)

Here's the forlorn lil' car, waiting for the doctor


Lily Pad PR said...

I hope your poor car got fixed & you home at a decent hour! I hate it when cars don't do what they're supposed to do! LOL
Funny story: My hubby replaced the battery in my Grand Am (that I sold now) and it was working great, but then shortly (we're talking a few days) after he replaced it, it was still having to be hooked up to another car battery to turn on. Well, he was on tour at the time, ad I was trying to get rides to school, etc. and finally had enough money to take it up to a transmission place (he thought it was the starter, so we saved until we had enough to replace the starter). I got a call probably 2 hours later and they said, "um, ma'am- your battery just needed to be tightened down. nothing's wrong with your starter or battery". They didn't even charge me- sweet fellows.

Michael's Princess said...

I like your blog. :-)

Erica said...

car problems are a real bummer. I don't think your lazy for wanting a relaxing evening. That sounds very appealing actually. Sure hope the repair is minor.

Jes said...

Aww, it was such a good little car on Saturday. Poor you.

Rosanna said...

Erica- I ended up going home and having my hot bath and lazy book reading time after all! It was ssoooo nice!