ten things I like about life

I'm making an effort to slow down and look for "joy in the journey"; on the premise that life isn't about arriving at a destination, it's about traveling along the road. And everyone knows road trips are no fun if you're always asking "are we there yet" instead of looking at the scenery as you go. So, I've been noticing that there are a few things that make me smile on the inside. They're not big, spectacular, or even very special; they are just tiny, little, ordinary things that warm my heart and give me a little surge of happy.

In no particular order, here are my current* top ten:

  • the sound of the coffee grinder in the morning
  • a hot bath
  • that warm, glowy feeling after said hot bath
  • the sound of a text message
  • finding money in an unexpected place
  • Chester-kitty purring
  • a spontaneous kiss in public
  • a certain pair of jeans on my husband
  • Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers
  • catching a whiff of Rob's delicious man-cologne

  • What are some little things that delight you?

    *of course, these will probably change over time-- as I notice new things, I'll make a new list. However, that won't change the fact that I still like what's on this first list.


    Rob Hulson said...

    In particular, you like the sound of the coffee grinder in the morning... while you're still in bed (which means someone else is making it). That is something I'm only too happy to do.

    I need to make myself some of that Breakfast Blend decaf, too, so that you don't have all the fun. :o)

    Rosanna said...

    Indeed! :)

    (I was just trying to be succinct)

    Erica said...

    Good post, Rosanna! cheers to that coffee sound, it helps me get out of bed.. yes I have surrounded to coffee!!!

    Rosanna said...

    hahha, Erica, you're a crack-up.