sweet relief

I submitted a time-off request to my boss several weeks ago, and have been on pins and needles ever since. I know she's busy, but daaaaaaang, I wish she would have paid attention to it sooner. This is pretty much the expression I've been wearing every day:

Not cute. (heh, compounded by the especially un-cute "I don't care" hair)

Anyway, I told her that I needed to know today about the long weekend that Rob and I are planning to celebrate our collective birthdays and anniversary (yep, time off is that scarce), which is in 2 weeks. I staved off the reservationist yesterday, but promised to let her know today. Hence my pressure. Gah, I hate asking for things even once; why is she making me go through this torture three times over?? Anyway, she printed out my e-mail (dated 9.18.08) and discussed the dates with me... and finally granted me the day of my (30th) birthday AND the following Friday off! Whew!!!

Now for plans. I think we're going to get up super-early on Tuesday (my b-day) and drive up to Duluth. We haven't been there yet in the three Autumns that we've lived in Minneapolis, and I really want to check it out. Although sleeping in does sound incredibly attractive... but I think I need to get out of the house and have a major change of scenery to keep me from thinking about the fact that I really just want to party with my family for my birthday. So Duluth may be the perfect answer. Then I'll work Wednesday and Thursday. (easy peasy!) And, after I call and confirm today, we have reservations for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at a quiet, secluded little cabin right on a lake somewhere north of the Cities. *deep sigh* That sounds like heaven to me. No technology, no phones, no schedules, no clocks, no pavement, even. While in the past I definitely would have chosen a more fast-paced and exciting party in a city locale, complete with fancy food/drinks, friends, and dressing up, I think this may suit me just fine this year. I may regret it later when I realize this is how I'm sending off my twenties, I don't know. Maybe this is an indication of getting old? I just know that right now, I feel like resting. A lot.

Now, just to get the time off for the holidays/visit to Portland and I'll sleep one thousand times better at night. *fingers crossed*


msfleurette said...

poor rosanna! asking for time off always sucks... glad your request was granted, you'll probably have a wonderful time relaxing. even youngins' need to relax every once in a while! ;)

Erica said...

my goodness, Rosanna,you blog like every day! quite birthday for the big 30...doesn't sound to bad. It's a nice way to ease into the 30s ;)

Rosanna said...

Heck yes I blog every day... Gotta keep my avid readers coming back. All two of you. ;)