iBlog. iBlog seven times.

Wow, I just looked at this lil site and realized that I've written seven posts in October... and it's only the 10th! Heh heh. And here I thought I'd forget I even had a blog.

I was only intending to write that ^, but now that I'm here, I can't resist typing more. At least a little something.

Husby and I are hosting an (almost) impromptu football party this weekend (gasp- that's tomorrow!). I've never hosted a football party, and I think I've only actually attended one. And that was at Rob's parents' house in September of 2005, the first time I flew out to visit Rob in his hometown. Needless to say, I wasn't really paying attention to the game. I was waaaaay too nervous because of all the people I was trying to make a good impression on. (Carrolls, Williams, Chris&Megan, etc. Good times.) And I was waaaay excited to be with Rob, of course. Rabbit trail: I remember writing a text message to my friend Cassidy as I was boarding the plane for that trip, saying something to the effect of "gosh, I'm so nervous. everybody important in Rob's life is going to be there... and we're going to have a pool party. I'll have to meet some of these people for the first time my bathing suit!" After composing it, I accidentally sent it TO ROB. Yargsh. So much for being "cool and comfortable". Ah well, we always have been perfectly honest with each other.

Anyway, at my first football party I only remember being given an Oklahoma University shirt to wear (felt like such a poser, but it was sweet of them to include me) and seeing the expansive table of "game day" food. I mean, Rob's mother had made literally every kind of midwestern delicacy for that party. There were nachos with Velveta sauce, sausage/cheese/biscuit-ball thingies, jello salad, mini weiners in sauce (horrors) and other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting. I just remember thinking that there was no way people would eat it all. I was wrong. People arrived by the boatload, stayed ALL. DAY. LONG. and definitely ate all the food. Or most of it anyway.

So I'm a little nervous about tomorrow. Obviously I have a lot to live up to. I'm planning on grocery shopping tonight and throwing some chili in the crock pot (shhh, it's gonna be "healthy" chili made with ground turkey). I'll go ahead and make the sausage biscuit ball things, but I refuse to make mini weenies. Rob has offered to make the nachos, complete with his very delicious homemade corn chips (fried in canola oil, thank you). I think I'll have some cut-up veggies, and maybe some hummus and rice chips. Hey, this is MY party... if ya don't like my style of party food, go home. haha. I seriously doubt we'll have a boatload of people, so the pressure is going to be low anyway.

Eh, I'm gonna have a blast. I'll even pull out my OU shirt and try to cheer at the right times, which will be a challenge since football looks like scrambled eggs to me.

I'll add a picture of Rob and I at that first party back in 2005 when I get home today. Just for your viewing pleasure. (And to keep up my current trend of adding a picture to every post)

Edited to add the promised pictures:

The group at the Hulson's house. Can you tell they're fans?

I was interested in the game. Really.


Erica said...

I've heard about your homemade humms and that you grow the beans yourself!! ;) and hand smash them but that the end result is worth it. Put some flaxseed in the chili or better yet, make it with tofu and then tell everyone after they eat it all!

msfleurette said...

I always remember TONS of food at the Hulson's house... always. But I'm with you, mini-weenie-dogs are grosssss.