picking up mom

My mom flies in today at 3:20 (well, hopefully; her plane out of Reno is a little delayed). I'm so excited! Yesterday I made a plan for what we're going to be doing (yup, Erica, an OUTLINE!) and got the house all spiffied up. So I'm just biding my time at work today- seriously, there's nothing to do- before I hop in the car and go pick her up. :) Pictures will be forthcoming, I'm sure.

In other news... I must have an outfit just like this.
Do you know how long and dreary and gray the winters are in Minnesota? Well, they are REALLY long and dreary and gray. Like, from now until May there is nary a blade of grass or leaflet on a tree in sight. And forget blue skies. I must combat this icy-gray world with COLOR! Good thing Mom's coming; I have Tuesday planned for thrifting. :)


Erica said...

I to am a fan of color.. Are you lusting for cloths as well? ;). I'm learing to accessory and perk up my outfits without spending alot of $$$ :). Take a picture of yourself in one of the outfits you get

Rosanna said...

yes, I'm afraid I am indeed lusting for clothes. As usual. :) Pictures will be forthcoming...