it's okay

The car is fine. :)

It took the Triple-A lady only about a half an hour to get to me, and she jumped my battery, which was most definitely dead. I drove it straight to Tires Plus across the street and down the road from my apartment, and they replaced the battery. All set!

Of course I had to leave it there for them to work on and walk home in the freezing cold wind... I was just very glad that it had stopped raining (and that I had my galoshes in the car so I didn't have to walk in my heels!) The hot bath was my "carrot" as I was walking without a winter jacket. Heh. Rob got home about an hour later and we ended up having a lovely evening around bowls full of hot chili and the next installment of The Peasant Princess series by Driscoll. Ahhh. :)

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